How is Green Solutions different from using other Recyclers?

Locally owned by Nevadans – caring about Nevada.

We sort and recycle our product right here in the Truckee Meadows by using Nevada Recycling and Salvage. We use the US and International commodities markets to return our recyclable materials back into the economy.

No extra fees to confuse the customer. You will be charged the monthly fee, and if you want an extra pick up, it is prorated. No ‘snap shot’ fees like other companies (usually a $78.00 per snap shot fee). In Sparks, we have No fuel/ environmental surcharges; No regulatory cost recovery charge and No administrative fees!

What is the advantage of using Green Solutions Recycling (GSR)?

GSR is a locally owned and operated company with a proven record of providing improved customer assistance to its customers at a cost effective rate, usually 30% less than competitors.  We have partnered with small and large businesses throughout the Reno/Sparks/Washoe County area—businesses committed to modeling recycling behavior. We customize the program to meet our client needs, and if it is determined that the need changes, a modification is made with no penalty to the client. And, when you call GSR, there is a local person answering that phone!  Green Solutions Recycling improves the customer experience through convenience, superior customer assistance and timely service.

Is my organization too large – too small – to benefit from Green Solutions?

No business is too large for us to handle – nor too small!

What size bins do you have?

We have 4 and 6 yard bins. We are also affiliated with Rubbish Runners who can provide you with 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 yard roll off containers for your temporary needs.

How often can my bin be emptied?

We have the capability to empty your bin seven days a week. We can accommodate whatever fits your needs.

What are your monthly prices for Reno (mixed recycle)?

Bin Capacity 1x week 2x week 3x week 4x week 5x week 6x week 7x week
4yd $180.00 $280.00 $380.00 $450.00 $650.00 $780.00 $980.00
6yd $250.00 $450.00 $650.00 $850.00 $1100.00 1300.00 $1500.00


What are your monthly prices for Sparks (mixed recycle)?

Bin Capacity 1x week 2x week 3x week 4x week 5x week 6x week 7x week
4yd $170.00 $305.00 $355.00 $580.00 $550.00 $680.00 $880.00
6yd $260.00 $445.00 $660.00 $850.00 $1100.00 $1300.00 $1500.00


What are your monthly prices for cardboard?

Bin Capacity   1x week 2x week 3x week 4x week 5x week 6x week 7x week
4yd $115.00 $190.00 $274.00 $350.00 $450.00 $550.00 $650.00
6yd $175.00 $290.00 $420.00 $540.00 $720.00 $850.00 $1000.00   

Do I get paid for the recyclables?

Yes, you get a return for your recyclables. It is based upon the quantity and market rate. You can choose to receive the return as a credit to your account or check. The current rates per pull are as follows:

2015 Recyclable Rebate Calculation

Size of Container

LBS per


Tons / Billing


Rebate/ Ton $/Container/  Billing Cycle
4 2,000 4.0 $    0.42 $               1.68
6 3,000 6.0 $    0.42 $               2.52

What can I recycle?
Basically anything goes EXCEPT food waste and hazardous materials. You can mix your recyclables in one bin. The items that qualify are as follows:

  • Newspaper (including inserts, coupons, and store advertisements)
  • Chipboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Mixed waste paper (including office paper, computer paper, magazines, junk mail, catalogs, kraft paper and kraft bags, paperboard, egg cartons, phone books, brown paper, grocery bags, colored paper, construction paper, envelopes, legal pad backings, shoe boxes, cereal and other similar food boxes)
  • Glass containers (including brown, clear, and green glass bottles and jars)
  • Aluminum (including beverage containers, food containers, small scrap metal)
  • Steel or tin cans
  • Plastic containers classified under Resin Identification Code Nos. 1 through 7, inclusive
  • Food waste (only if sources separated and placed by the generator in separate containers designated by Contractor for Food Waste)
  • Any other materials mutually agreed to by the CONTRACTOR and the City

What do I do with my food waste?

Waste Management would still provide your food waste disposal, but the majority of our customers are able to downsize to a 96 gallon tote, a savings to them.

What happens to my recyclables?

Green Solutions Recycling utilizes a local transfer/recycling center (Nevada Recycle and Salvage) that employs a 24 person sort line. NRS reconstitutes recyclables into useable items rather than going to landfills.

For example: the textiles go to Washington State where they are recycled into other textiles, such as shop rags;  the film plastic goes to Fernley, Nevada, to be converted into TREX, used for decking; the hard plastics and cardboard are sent to domestic mills on the West Coast to be made into other hard plastics and various types of paper products.

We don’t just think green; we are green!